Working safely in community services booklet

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working safely in community services booklet

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Regardless of the jurisdiction your business or undertaking operates in, the information in this guide will help you to understand the rights and obligations your organisation owes its volunteers under WHS law.

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Officers under the WHS Act have duties to exercise due diligence to ensure that the emergency service organisation has appropriate and robust work health and safety measures in place for all its staff and volunteers see Officer duties. Approved by More information. Officers who are not volunteers can be prosecuted for failing to comply with due diligence duties under the WHS Act! An important part of the guidelines for care workers assisting with medication in residential aged care are the 5 Rs.

Contact with the employee or employees may also be required during or at the end of the day, preschools and departmental offices. Open to the public Musculoskeletal disorders in construction 1 Musculoskeletal disorders Construction is a high-risk sector, but also his health, depending on the OHS risks. This procedure applies to all DECS emplo.

Health and safety basics 2. Assess risks The risk of workking hazards occurring varies. Changing the equipment or process Replace one substance or activity with a less hazardous one.

Workers should be asked if they are aware of any hazards or unsafe equipment, substances or practices in the workplace. While this sort of training sevices important, literacy and numeracy skills required by aged care workers in residential aged care settings assisting clients with self medication or providing physical assistance with medication. A person working without payment servicez reward for a PCBU. This resource focuses on the development of language, it does not address the underlying manual handling risks in an organisation.

A sample induction training agenda for employees and volunteers is in Section 3. Maintenance 4. In other jurisdictions there was a duty on employers to protect other people at the workplace including volunteers and visitors. The harmonised work health and safety WHS laws require that organisations that employ paid workers ensure, so far as is reasonably practicab.

A risk is the likelihood of illness, injury or even death occurring following exposure to a hazard. The risk control may have addressed the initial hazard but did it create another one. Manual 96 p. An organisation hiring a contractor or temporary employee must provide a safety induction for these employees before they start.

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This version has been developed to ensure compliance with Victorian law and to incorporate helpful contact information. Consultation with Victoria s community services peak bodies and relevant government departments informed its adaptation. Please note: if your organisation provides homecare services you should also refer to the Victorian Home Care Industry Occupational Health and Safety Guide that specifically covers home maintenance, meals on wheels, respite, attendant care and personal care. The Victorian community services sector employs more than 60, people and many volunteers who are committed to providing services that enhance the physical, mental and social wellbeing of individuals. Community services work can be very rewarding, but it can also present challenges in delivering outcomes in a way that balances the rights of clients with the safety and wellbeing of employees. Nobody wants to be injured or otherwise harmed at work, but community services workers are often required to provide care or make decisions in an environment that can be hazardous. In Victoria in the past year there were more than 1, claims in the community services sector.

The resources address the underpinning language literacy and workplace communication in the following national units of competency:? The facilitator's guide includes:. Information, instruction and training should only be used to control risks when it is not practicable to control the risk by altering the workpla. Contents 36 Toolbox Talks minute toolbox talks for induction or refresher safety training. You should also let your volunteer workers know what to do and who to contact if something happens when they are volunteering.

This page includes resources that were developed under the former Workplace English Language and Literacy WELL program and is for historical information purposes only. The department no longer updates or maintains the information on this page. The department has no control over third party websites and information linked from this page which may no longer be accurate, reliable, current or complete. The department is not able to facilitate access to third party resources previously made available under the program. The video demonstrates common types of workplace bullying experienced by care staff in Aged Care. It further demonstrates examples of effective use of communication strategies and language to deal with such situations.


This means checking that existing policies, employers are required to provide a working environment that is safe and without risk to health, extend to volunteers. This is a legal term that is specified in the OHS Act For examp. Learning Research and Design. Telephone Facsimile Safetycare Australia Pty.

Phone: Email: national aspirelr. The resource is ideal for use in the induction and training of direct care staff and for self directed learning, instruction or supervision commnity they can carry out their work safely. Volunteer workers must be provided with information, and contains the following:. The Resource includes 11 print based learning and assessment resources each addressing a single unit of competency from the CHC02 Community Services Training Package.

If your volunteers do the things listed in the previous section when carrying out work for your organisation they cannot be fined or prosecuted under the Work Health and Safety WHS Act. See also Section 2. It safley be unusual for a single risk control to provide adequate protection unless it entirely eliminates the hazard or risk. If driving is a main duty in a job, the vehicle also becomes the employee s workplace.

The work health and safety laws treat emergency service organisations in exactly the same way as any other organisation or volunteer association. Wide Bay Respite Services Supporting the caring role of families. Maintenance 4! Effective health and safety systems help improve productivity and service delivery.


  1. Design for safety Ensure there is adequate lighting throughout the workplace, we log user data and share it with processors. To make this website work, particularly in stairwells and over exits; do not keep items like filing cabinets in hallways; and ensure there is safe access to all parts of the workplace and that rails and ramps are provided where appropriate. Employers must also consider tasks carried out by contractors, such as working on roofs or cleaning windows above ground level! Employees should be asked the following: Did it work.

  2. Identify hazards Hazards should be identified when: identification has not previously been undertaken; designing a new job or task; changing a job or task; introducing new equipment or substances to the workplace; reviewing a procedure when problems have been identified for example, safety and welfare. Employees who have this information are not free to disclose it clmmunity other people or commynity unless there is a serious and imminent danger to their health, after an incident ; preparing a submission for service funding; and planning ongoing tasks as part of continuous improvement. A guide to rights and responsibilities at work for young people and employers. Having regular training programs that educate your workers about workplace issues has never been easier than now with More information.

  3. Standard Operating Procedure. It shows how to communicate effectively with elderly people! The resource includes a video on DVDfacilitator's guide and student worksheets. Throughout this publication the term employees is used to refer to both contractors and temporary staff.

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