Schluter ditra heat installation handbook

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schluter ditra heat installation handbook

Schluter®-DITRA Installation Handbook - Schluter Systems

The best decision my wife and I made was to put a heated flooring system under our bathroom floor tile. Our thermostat automatically warms up the tile a few minutes before we wake up. Here are the supplies you need:. We left the prices blank for the membrane and heating cables because those depend on the size of the room. When in doubt, always increase the thickness of the underlayment. Did you use this instructable in your classroom?
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How to install underfloor heating and tile with large porcelain tiles

Ditra Heat Mat Installation: Ignore these two rules

I sch,uter to prefill the ditra heat mat with a modified, then apply the tile with ditraset. L1 Line 1 will receive your black wire from the electrical panel. Could there be any reason to think that the thermal break on Ditra Duo might make my unheated tiles any less cold vs. I did have to do a foundation repair and put in piers 3 years ago so makes sense.

As part of this commitment, wehave invested considerable resources in testing our products and obtaining certifications where applicable to provide our customers andlocal code officials with relevant data that supports the efficacy of our systems. Go back over the burned thin-set with the trowel and this time make all schlter ridges the same direction, i. That should be modified since it is going handboko air dry - not moisture cure. L1 Line 1 will receive your black wire from the electrical panel!

Step 1: Planning DITRA-HEAT Heated Flooring Systems

Onstallation the ohms measurement in the Schluter heating cable tests log! Variation in the performance levels achieved is attributable to the different tile used. I called schlutter and they said that I can simply make the layer of thinset above the mat thicker in order to reach hahdbook height needed to match the existing tile. Then place the red lead from the multimeter on the red wire and the black lead on the black wire from the heating cable. The best decision my wife and I made was to put a heated flooring system under our bathroom floor tile.

The thermostat features a 5 mA built-in ground fault circuit interrupter GFCI with indicator light and includes a floor temperature sensor. Two heating cables may be connected to the thermostat, up to the total heating load limit of 15 amps. A single gang, deep electrical box or a double gang electrical box with a single gang mud ring is recommended to provide room for the wiring. The power supply must be shut off and all electrical connections must be made by a qualified electrician, according to the electrical and building codes effective in your region. Connect the heating cable ground braid to the ground wire from the electrical panel. Remove the mounting base from the thermostat by loosening the screw and tilting the thermostat upward.


We are tiling our bathroom using Ditra heat as underlayment. First things first, get the total square footage of your bathroom. However, DITRA provides a degree of soundattenuation similar to various thin-set sound control membranes. Mix thinset mo….

Small breaks in the cable insulation can cause current leakage to ground. Any waterthat penetrates the mortar bed is directed under normalgravitational force to the drainage exits. With their open rib structure, DITRA Uncoupling Membranes are polyurethane membranes effectively neutralize the movement stress between tile and the substrate beneath by allowing for in-plane movement of tile flooring and creating even load distribution. Ditra is an uncoupling membrane designed for ceramic and stone tile installations on floors.

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