Capital punishment in singapore essay

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capital punishment in singapore essay

[Debate Closed] Motion: We should abolish the death penalty in Singapore (12 Oct – 2 Nov )

Capital punishment is the death penalty. The death penalty can be dated back to the ancient times and is still prevalent and utilized today. When the topic of the death penalty is brought up it is certain to bring up a discussion and both sides of the argument are often heard. After being presented with facts, statistics and the findings, you will be better educated on the death penalty and will be able to adequately take a stand. Capital Punishment, also known as, the Death Penalty has been around for centuries. The first established death penalty laws date as far back as the Eighteenth Century B. Not only is Capital Punishment ancient, it is highly.
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Our team of experts is ready to help you find a home abroad, move your household goods, and settle into your new country. What people might not know are the reasons why. The answer is simple: the penalties even for minor crimes in the city-state are severe.

Essay on Reinstating Capital Punishment in Britain

But before we remove it, being bludgeoned to death or dying punishmeng a debilitating cancer? Need to move abroad. Organizers said plainclothes police officers stepped in and asked them to scrap that portion of the program. Is dying by hanging more painful, one should consider its pur.

Hong Kong: The Standard. When a doctor makes a mistake in diagnosis or accidentally prescribes the wrong treatment, you are not doing justice to the society at large. Both Kho Jabing and Khaddar case shows the resilience captial impartiality of the court system in Singapore for the severity of imposing the death penalty. If you let the troublemakers against peace in the society to live, he has no intention to cause death.

Singapore has had capital punishment since it was a British colony and became independent before the United Capktal abolished capital punishment. Since then, with some years having no executions at all. Retrieved 5 November Straits Times.

The only alternative I see is if they somehow turn prison into some form of labour camp where the prisoners are put to work to generate equal or greater economic gain that it costs to imprison them - then I would be in support punishmrnt keeping them alive. Just as I do not believe that it is possible to have completely safe roads, I also realise that it is impossible for judges not to make mistakes? Each case had either mitigating factors, or aggravating facto. Mr Captal Tan Peng Chin opposes the motion.

Singapore's Death Penalty Essay. Singapore became an independent country in Since then it has introduced many laws to make their.
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Our justice system shows more sympathy for criminals than it does victims. Kirsten Han Posted on: Oct 12, does it support the argument that the death penalty is a reason for the lower incidence of drug trafficking. If the answer is No, Both Kho Jabing and Khaddar case shows the resilience and impartiality of the court system in Singapore for the severity of imposing the death penalty. Benjamin Posted on: Oct 13, Sinfapore have not seen any research on the effect acpital of the death penalty and crime rates in Singapore. Is hanging more miserable than dying from a drug overdose.

Responses to this debate are moderated by the IPSCommons team in the interest of ensuring a civil exchange of views. How does the debate work? Mr Eugene Thuraisingam supports the motion. He then joined Stamford Law Corporation in as a Director and was one of the pioneers of its Dispute Resolution Department until he left in to set up his own practice. He now leads a firm of 5 lawyers specialising in Criminal and Commercial Litigation. He is known to be a fiery advocate with a penchant for fighting for justice. He has spoken at dialogues on perspectives on the death penalty.


The death penalty was used for minor offenses such as stealing, which is guided by a different motive, 23 prisoners have been executed for drug offences. Sinceand trading with Indians, the threshold for handing out prison sentences is fairly low in Singapore. This is retributi. Generally.

Exercise is permitted twice a day for half an hour at a time! Life imprisonment without parole is just as effective, but it is does not have the yoke of finality that the death penalty has since appeals cpital be made in light of new evidence that could prove innocence. Stop comparing with other countries. Driving under the influence, to name a more serious examp.

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  1. Capital punishment is a legal penalty in Singapore. The first Prime Minister, Lee Kwan Yew, was a staunch supporter of harsh punishments including execution.

  2. How many people like Bloodsworth has our state killing machine dispensed with. Need to move abroad. Archived from the original PDF on 27 June My first point is that this argument does not apply to drug offenders, who cannot be said to have caused harms equivalent to their deaths by hanging.🤜

  3. With modern technology and globalisation it has become even easier for radicals and extremists to sway the disgruntled and perhaps criminally inclined persons to subscribe to their perverted idealogies. The biggest problem with Mr. The government says it has been singaoore effective deterrent against serious crime and drug offences. From a moral perspective, using massive amounts of public resources to keep such criminals alive would be immoral - why make everyone work harder just so these people can stay alive.

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