The book of contemplation islam and the crusades pdf

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the book of contemplation islam and the crusades pdf

USAMA IBN MUNQIDH The Book of Contemplation | Saladin | Religion And Belief

Usama ibn Munqidh was a Muslim faris or cavalier from Northern Syria who experienced and wrote a great deal during the Crusades. His most famous work, The Book of Contemplation, survives as a rare look into the Holy Land during the Crusades from a Muslim perspective. Ibn Munqidh was born on 4 July at his familys castle at Shayzar. His family, the Banu Munqidh, were an established aristocratic Arab clan who had the means to bring ibn Mundiqh up with an education typical of the warrior elite. While he had no formal education, his family provided him with tutors who taught him the equivalent of a liberal education: literary arts including rhetoric, grammar, and poetryand estate affairs such as administration, hunting, and combat. Ibn Mundidh was the Arab Muslim equivalent of a medieval Christian knighta gentleman of status, expected to fight to defend his property and honor of his family.
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Revival: The Muslim Response to the Crusades - The Crusades: An Arab Perspective Ep2


He died in Damascus incalled Barshak, at the age of 93. He is impressed by these unlikely feats and writes examples of them from Franks and Muslims. They extended the tunnel along in this way using timbers right up to the base of the barbican. One of the amirs of the Turks who were wit.

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His clan, the Banu Munqidh, was an established aristocratic Muslim Arab family who had gained political prominence locally and elsewhere in the medieval Near East at a time when the Muslim world was adjusting to the Turkish invasions of the eleventh century, and still reeling from the Crusades of the twelfth. Exiled from Shayzar by an uncle who saw him as a rival, Usama took up service with many of the most prominent courts of the region, in Iraq, Syria and Egypt, giving him ample opportunity to hone his skills as a warrior, diplomat and man of letters, and to observe the strange customs of his new Frankish neighbours. Usama was a political schemer of the first order, and much of his wandering can be attributed to his involvement in numerous failed adventures. In , most members of his family were killed in an earthquake that left Shayzar in ruins and Usama and his ambitions wrecked. In the last decades of his life, he retired from active service and concentrated on writing, collecting his scattered poems into a much-praised Diwan, but specializing in topical anthologies of poetry and prose like the Book of the Staff or Kernels of Refinement, both excerpted here. He died in Damascus in Cobb, All rights reserved.

In Usama was invited to Damascus to serve Saladinupright in his saddle: he had a mail hauberk under his tunic and contemolation spear-thrust had not even harmed him. He is impressed by these ckntemplation feats and writes examples of them from Franks and Muslims. By God, I once went out with my uncle may God have mercy upon him to make a raid on Apamea. Tancred came at us with the army of Antioch, and we fought one another before the walls of the city. The Frank then sat up again.

His life coincided with the rise of several medieval Muslim dynasties, as well as the arrival of the First Crusade and the establishment of the crusader states. He was the nephew of the emir of Shaizar and probably expected to rule Shaizar himself, but he was exiled in and spent the rest of his life serving other leaders. He was a courtier to the Burids , Zengids , and Ayyubids in Damascus, serving the famous Zengi , Nur ad-Din , and Saladin over a period of almost fifty years. He often meddled in the politics of the courts in which he served, and he was exiled from both Damascus and Cairo. During and immediately after his life he was most famous as a poet and adib a "man of letters". For modern readers, however, he is most well known for his Kitab al-I'tibar "Book of Learning by Example" or "Book of Contemplation" , which contains lengthy descriptions of the crusaders , whom he interacted with on many occasions, and some of whom he considered friends, although he generally saw them as ignorant foreigners. Most of his family was killed in an earthquake at Shaizar in


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