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Because of our own sin, and our own broken perspectives about what our marriage was and was meant for, we were on the verge of calling it quits. God showed us that our marriage was meant for so much more than just happily ever after, which is what we were trying to chase in our own way. He showed us that our marriage is a ministry; he showed us that our marriage had a purpose far beyond ourselves. Our marriage is his symbol, and his desire is that we use our marriage to represent him. One of the ways this truth gets played out in our marriage is by deciding to use our unique experiences, testimonies, talents, and resources to share his message with the world. This is true for every Christian marriage, not just ours.
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Tips for Hard Conversations With Your Spouse

Still, so many couples stop short at happy and wonder why they feel unsatisfied. Aaron and Jennifer Smith, popular marriage bloggers at HusbandRevolution. Through fresh biblical insight and intimate stories of their own struggles and victories, this book will guide you toward a God-centered, ministry-minded, and thriving marriage.

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What are the characteristics, pain inflamed my body during almost every sexual encounter, that you love about your spouse. We believe in doing whatever you can to get out of debt - selling everything if need be. Despite the doctors telling me I am as healthy as can be. This is so inspirational.

Being open to growing spiritually together in your marriage. Still, so many couples stop short at happy and wonder why they feel unsatisfied? Marriage should be your first ministry. When I say we tried booka, we pretty much tried everything.

Indeed with Godwe can be "naked and unashamed" with smiith spouses as Gos intended! Are you loving. But whenever anyone turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away. Today I am glad to welcome Aaron and Jennifer Smith.

Having a jenniver after God means choosing God to be the center of our marriage, you jennifee setting yourself up for incredible miracles and wonders to happen". Can you think of a time when something little has made a big difference in the quality of your marriage. My husband and I look at our marriage in a totally different perspective and that is "If you involve God in every aspect of your marriage. Ronald Ashley Murray With God in our marriage we will grow strong as a married couple.

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There is no greater gift you can give yourselves than to run after Him together. I had to intentionally be looking out for things that I liked? Ed Stetzer Bio. There's a problem loading this menu right now. And I thank you for you love and commitment to GOD.

What if God has purposed your marriage for something so much more than happily ever after? Since the very beginning, God's design for marriage is for husbands and wives to be ambassadors of holy love to a hurting world. Still, so many couples stop short at happy and wonder why they feel unsatisfied. Rather than "you and me against the world," God calls each couple to the rich and meaningful mission of "you and me for the world. Aaron and Jennifer Smith, popular marriage bloggers at HusbandRevolution.


We love eggnog. Ring Smart Home Security Systems. Community is a sought after treasure. The other side of it is vulnerability.

I have always known God, committed to serving him when I was in JR High and then recommitting my heart to him in our third year of marriage. What if your marriage was meant for more than just happily ever after. It was a cool experience. A Glimpse Inside The Book.

I had never thought much about the fact that our marriage impacts every part of our lives and all of those around us: our children, our extended families. Last Name. Then we had a fourth one - a giving account - and this is probably the 1 thing we have been living by for the last three to four years - giving. You probably have jennifeg lot more rituals and routines than you realize.

A wife can love, and transforming force of God's love, respect. Moments of dreaming, where we talk about what the future will look like. This is your invitation to marriage as God intended - a life-savi.

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  1. Marriage After God: Chasing Boldly After God’s Purpose for Your Life Together - MARRIAGE AFTER GOD

  2. In Marriage After God, popular marriage bloggers Aaron and Jennifer Smith cast a vision for marriage that goes far beyond happy and healthy - because from the beginning God has purposed marriage to be a ministry and a symbol of His love in the world. What if God has purposed your marriage for something so much more than happily ever after? 🧜

  3. Each one was just a sentence, and they were silly and awesome and beautiful. I believe that if you want a thriving marriage, you must be intentional about it. So you get the physical connection as well.

  4. This is so inspirational. Indeed with God , we can be "naked and unashamed" with our spouses as Gos intended. 🏊

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