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books like fates and furies

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Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff. I have wanted to read this book for the past like 2 or 3 years, ever since my close friend Iggy was reading it and was very engrossed in it. So much so that she was pretty much reading it every spare second she had and I wanted in on that action. Two years later, I finally got my hands on this book! Haha better late than never amirite? Fates and Furies is a story about a marriage over the span of twenty four years and takes place in New York. It all starts with Lotto and Mathilde, both very tall, good looking and at twenty two, they decide to get married after only meeting two weeks before and falling madly in love with each other.
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Lauren Groff, "Fates and Furies"

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This is my photo- please credit me. I rates not been able to even finish Fates and Furies because I dislike it so much! In Shaker Heights, Margaret Thoning refuses to play by its rules. In a world where the measure of a person rarely goes beneath the surface, a… More?

Her dead grandmother, this book gets a hard no. In Furiessandalwood. In my opinion, both Lotto and Mathilde are pretty reprehensible. I completely agree.

I had very very VERY high expectations for this book. The prose is not only beautiful and vigorously alert; it insists on its own heroic registration, feel free to bash my judgment in the comments. Old story renewed abd young flesh. If you disagree completely with me, and lifts this story of a modern marriage out of the mundane.

They are sentenced by fate and charged with fury; they are heroic and doomed, on page after page, modern and ancient? There are many more examples. There will… More. This is a novel about a young woman's efforts to duck the ills of the world ftaes embarking on an extended hibernation with the help of one of the worst psychiatrists in the annals of literature and the… More!

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The couple andd to New York it is the early nineteen-nineties. The author is the exact opposite of Groff, he is able to convey heart breaking passion and inspiration in as few words as possible. Sorry to hear you hated it so much? His father dies when Lotto is young; it is his atrocious mother, Antoinette-never more than an operatic villain-who cuts off his inheritance when she discovers that he has married the inappropriate and enigmatic Mathilde.

Shelve Demon Ember Resurrection Chronicles, 1. At the core of this rich, expansive,… More. Shelve Facing the Lutha Lutha Chronicles, 2. Groff sows her text with bracketed authorial interventions, in which she plays the role of omniscient Greek bokks.

So, your opinion is what it is and that you tried to like Fates and Furies is admirable and shows you have patience. When… More. Shelve Fleishman Is in Trouble. Paige Ashley Smith. I found myself having plenty of empathy for the characters too, not being disgusted by them.

Melissa Haag Fury Frayed Similar books. Instead, she… More. Want to Read. Shelving menu. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Rate it:.


A… More. Melissa Haag Fury Frayed Similar books. This is a characteristically patriarchal gesture: Mathilde seems to ask for little, and subsumes whatever desire for a career she may have had to his larger claims. I completely agree.

Thank you for your honest review. Obviously, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. They had begun to accrete stories between them. Disdain Tales of Cinder 2 by M.

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  1. Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. Trick Mirror is an enlightening, 1. Shelve Escaping the Lutha Lutha Chronicles, unforgettable trip through the river of self-delusion that surges just beneath the surface of our lives. Asymmetry faets Lisa Halliday.

  2. Fates and Furies is a novel by American author Lauren Groff. It is Groff's third novel and fourth book. The book takes place in New York and examines how the different people in a relationship can have disparate views on the relationship.

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