Health and safety brown book

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health and safety brown book

Health & Safety | GMB Cardiff 1 County Council Branch | Trade Union

The Health and Safety Executive HSE is a UK government agency responsible for the encouragement, regulation and enforcement of workplace health, safety and welfare , and for research into occupational risks in Great Britain. It is a non-departmental public body of the United Kingdom with its headquarters in Bootle , England. Act , and has since absorbed earlier regulatory bodies such as the Factory Inspectorate and the Railway Inspectorate though the Railway Inspectorate was transferred to the Office of Rail and Road in April As part of its work, HSE investigates industrial accidents, small and large, including major incidents such as the explosion and fire at Buncefield in Though it formerly reported to the Health and Safety Commission , on 1 April , the two bodies merged.
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Life And Death! The Attack On OSHA, Workers Health And Safety And Injured Workers

Civil servants need clear and unambiguous guidance on how to respond if they believe ministerial instructions may be unlawful. We have more than 11, specialists, scientists, engineers and managers working in the defence industry. Prospect represents nearly 3, professionals in education, children's services, early years, commissioning and children's social care.

Health and safety representatives

Health and safety. Your responsibility is to represent your members' views and opinions, and then to report decisions back to them. Workers and employers need to be made aware book the risks that they face and how to manage them? Diver rescues Tham Luang cave rescue.

Manx Telecom. Local safety reps meet each other twice a year and there should be one or two regional safety representatives in your region who organise meetings and training days: they will contact you with details. Good work. CutStop campaign.

Britain: Get TUC certified online. Britain: Sfety future of safety rep training The TUC is developing exciting new ways to train its legions of union safety reps. Improving worker involvement - Improving health and safetysummary docu. Britain: What would a super safety rep look like.

From national museums to archaeological bealth, 5 March? Risks Hazards news, scientists! Want better rights for trade union safety reps. We have more than 11, Prospect members are at the heart of our heritage indust.

Click for larger image Hazards , Health and safety representative profile Tricia Gleave, UCU See the archive Get our health and safety headlines direct to your website here.
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TUC Brown Book

Find out what's expected of you in more detail on this page if you are thinking of becoming a safety rep yourself. Britain: Safety reps' rights - the law online The legal rights of union safety representatives are spelled out in the 'Brown Book' - the one-stop source for the regulations, code of practice and guidance on safety representatives. The national network of CSP safety reps is a vital part of the society as a trade union. This resource is available to you when you register on the iCSP national safety reps network.

Redundancy and restructuring. And your browm as a safety rep will be much easier if you are speaking on behalf of everyone in your workplace. Browse topics. Imperial War Museum.

Riskspriorities and campaigns, 9 April You will need to keep your members informed of what's happening in your workplace? Britain: Could union learning nurture safety reps. Tell us about it Do you know how the TUC informs its health and safety policies.

Victorian Trades Hall Council's "Getting it right" campaign aims to press the state government to honour its commitment to revise health and safety laws. It is important that you complete the resignation form. Nautilus says under current laws, shore-based health and safety representatives have a anf right to attend a trade union-approved health and safety training course as soon as possible. Want to share and get advice from other reps!

GMB is recognised as the leading British trade union on health, safety and environmental issues. GMB has a distinctive approach to dealing with health and safety matters. We support around 20, workplace safety representatives. Indeed, we believe that the people who are most likely to understand the risks associated with a particular job are those who actually do the work. The starting point for the GMB approach to reducing accidents and ill health caused by work is to identify what can cause harm. This could be noise, asbestos, lifting heavy boxes, dangerous machinery etc.


Yes No? Want to share and get advice from other reps. Inspections should be carried out regularly, celebrating four decades of lifesaving work by trade union safety reps. Risks Hazards news, and safety reps have a legal right to do them at least every three months.

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For example, the public enquiry by Lord Gill into the Stockline Plastics factory explosion criticised the Healty for "inadequate appreciation of the risks associated with buried LPG pipework…and a failure properly to carry out check visits". Imperial War Museum? Education employers and employees demonstrate that they recognise the contribution that partnerships make towards improving health and safety standards at work? Telefonica Agreements.

Reporting issues to the HSE. The alert comes after a survey of unions conducted by Hazards magazine concluded the top problem facing union safety reps is getting employers to act abd safety concerns. Ericsson Managed Services Non-recognised. Notices Union inspection notices UINs and provisional improvement notices PINs are allowing union reps to take workplace safety enforcement into their own hands.

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  2. TUC head of safety Hugh Robertson welcomed the recognition of the positive union role, but warned: "This initiative is very limited and we still need changes to the safety reps' regulations to ensure that we have roving safety reps heaalth better rights to extend the benefits of the union safety effect nationwide. Scotland's future. Defence We have more than 11, specialis. Corporate Governance and responsibility.

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