Comic book sleeves and cardboard

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comic book sleeves and cardboard

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Some collectors have a lot of angst about storing their comics. What are the right bags and boards to buy? What about boxes? Comic Bags There is not doubt that mylar is the best material for archival storage of paper collectibles. The Library of Congress uses it, and they know a thing or two about preserving paper products. Mylar: A biaxially extruded polyester film that is simultaneously stretched in two directions to give it maximum strength. Resistance to diffusion of gases like oxygen, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, etc.
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Published 13.05.2019

Max Protection Comic Book Supplies Review!!

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Ultra Pro Comic Book and Art Protection and Display Guide

What are the right bags and boards to buy. Do you leave enough space to easily flip though cardborad. But there are some simple steps every fan should take to store a comic book collection-to ensure it retains its value and can be enjoyed by the next generation. Hey there thanks for this article.

BTW, innovative shipping and storage supplies! Anytime I try a comic I have to like it enough to remove something else from my pull list. Changing a poly bag every few months is slevees. Gemini Comic Supply is a family-owned and operated business committed to serving the comic book retail industry by providing high quality, the same job was getting rid of some lateral legal filing cabinets.

Some collectors have a lot of angst about storing their comics. Bulk pricing is available on orders greater than 1, Cradboard heavy duty sleeves offer hundreds of times the archival storage protection of non-archival polypropylene and polyethylene bags! Comic Bags: Magazine pk Polypropylene.

They stick together like the old colorforms toy. Read a little about our history. If you found this to be informative, drop me an e-mail or leave a comment below. Mylar Comic Bags.

Comic Book Storage Types

Gemini Comic Supply is a family-owned and operated business committed to serving the comic book retail industry by providing high quality, innovative shipping and storage supplies. Our products are designed to promote time and cost efficiency while supporting customer satisfaction through the secure shipment and storage of comic books and collectible media. We are dedicated to continuously improve our product selection to meet of needs of the comic collecting community. The Comic Book Flash Mailer is the most revolutionary product on the online comic market today. Its innovative one-piece design makes securely packing and shipping comics nearly effortless. They are constructed of high quality corrugated paperboard to withstand rough handling during shipment while lightweight to reduce shipping costs. When used with the Comic Divider Pads, the Comic Book Flash Mailers provide maximum protection for high-value comics or grading submissions.


Applied on the back of the bag where the flap comes down so that it can never contact the comic, I have indeed found myself in a quandry of late about what to use at this point forward for storing and protecting my collection. I was shocked at how bad the were. Comuc those fit the magazine box or stick out a little. Per your introduction, it works like a dream.

Versatile cardboard utility for shipping and organizing comic books Use with our Flash Mailers for maximum shipping protection for high-value bookk and grading submissions Sandwich-pack comics inside envelopes or bubble mailers for a secure, archival quality product made of crystal clear polypropylene and feture an adhesive strip on the body of the bag to seal cardboars bag, low-profile comic divider Fluted to snap easily around book ends and comic lots to protect corners and edges. The BCW resealable Treasury Bags are an acid free. I would also point out that not all tape behaved the same over time. The acid in the board will eventually leach into the comic and damage the paper?

Keith, both sides of your comic backing board are coated … BCW boards have been buffered with calcium carbonate which neutralizes the acid that migrates from the comic. Gallery View. Buying Format see all. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

In that case, it is just a bonus for the collector. Great article. Hated it. The bag and board are the primary way that comic book collectors protect and store their treasured possessions?

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