Mimi and nikko book deal

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mimi and nikko book deal

That’s It?! You Won’t Believe How Much Mimi And Nikko Got Paid For Their Freaky Flick! | Bossip

Mimi, always needing to have the last word, says one last diss and walks away. Nikko then talks to Margeaux the next morning after the altercation and asks her why she told Mimi about what he told her about the truth with the sex tape. His thing is that Mimi is already hard to work with so telling her what he said to her about the sex tape will make it even harder for her to work with, especially with the whole book deal he is still trying to get money off of. Then there is Kirk and Ashley Nicole and this chick is crazy. Of course Kirk has got to deal with it and the mediocre Ashley Nicole is over there looking pissed.
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The Nikko/Mimi Exclusive, Part I - The RCMS With Wanda Smith

Nikko Explains Why He Deserves 25 Percent Of Mimi’s Book Deal [EXCLUSIVE]

Ashley admits that she has a "flirty nature" about herself and even apologizes to Kalenna and Tony Harper in case she was giving off that vibe to Kalenna. Now, Ariane is riding for her friend and Margeaux is riding for her husband. However, we have more. I doubt it….

Mimi can eye roll with the best of 'em! Who releases a sex tape at the age of 40. Support real journalism. They argued in the entrance area and came into the casting interview in a dark cloud.

The rapper quickly says that if he is going to be accused of infidelity, he will just leave the stage. The women can put it on their tongue before and its good for like minutes when its going down. See, you'll have to tune in next week to find out. Well, Joseline can make friends.

And her glam squad is no longer beating her face or slaying her fits. How over is it with Nikko. I've gotten to know and care and love the people I work with. Yesterday, the world received confirmation that Mimi and Nikko were releasing a sex tape.

Rasheeda even cut a step or two on stage with her celeb friends! Listen Now They question the fact that she's ready to spill the tea on everyone. The way Joseline acts is unacceptable and so is all the over behavior of the women on this show.

And she knows why the show still likes her. Facebook Twitter. Joseline tried to be cordial but ultimately had to explain to Mimi how a conversation works. Anyway, peep what Funky Dineva said:.

A whole lot did happen, but only some of it was worth discussing. You join your son at the strip club—no judgment, they do live in Atlanta—and he is served papers over back child support. Meanwhile, Erica finds herself at odds with Karlie Redd after she finds out that Karlie Redd went behind her back and started a clothing store without her despite them planning to open one together for months.
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Ariane Davis Picks Who Is Best For Mimi: Stevie J Or Nikko - BOSSIP

But that doesn't end there. So we see him and his wife later at breakfast and this bum ass, znd stripper, he will just leave the stage. Chile cheese! The rapper quickly says that if he is going to be accused of infidelity. Things To Do.

Asimplebijou June 9, Uncategorized Leave a comment. As Mimi and Margeaux shake hands you can feel the tension. Mimi immediately addresses Nikko about suddenly claiming his wife. During their verbal exchanges and hand grabbing Margeaux asks Mimi if her friends know that she and Nikko actually planned the sex tape release together and she was the mastermind. Arianne stays and speaks to Margeaux but she continues to defend Nikko and insist that Mimi was in on the plan. However, Ariane is riding for her friend and Margeaux is riding for her husband. Being a good friend Joc informs Kirk his things are being auctioned off.


I'm not going to keep doing that. Funky Dineva lalford. County By County! So Kirk shows up at the auction and pretty much shuts it down.

He has to lie in it. Joseline instructs her to speak more loudly like when she bleeps bleep. Rasheeda even cut a step or two on stage with her celeb friends. She's Asian," Mimi Faust noted.

Mimi, K, always needing to have the last word. Earlier this week. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. She was so thankful that her fans came out and showed her love.

So this only makes for more dramatic entertainment. Nina further questions this, Mimi Faust and Joseline are clearly still oil and water. On the flip side, and Joseline admits that she gets frustrated that Stevie doesn't tell her things and works with new artists when he could just be working to build up her career. Then there is Kirk and Ashley Nicole miim this chick is crazy.

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  1. Part one of the reunion special ends with the ongoing drama between Joseline and Mimi, but this wasn't one that anyone expected to hear. I'll try something different. And on top of that, Joseline actually sides with Mimi and starts blasting both Nikko and Margeaux. The thing is there's no limit to the things she will do and have done to me and my daughter and to Stevie.👶

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