Groundwater contamination transport and remediation pdf

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groundwater contamination transport and remediation pdf

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Contaminant transport in subsurface water is the major pathway for contamination spread from contaminated sites to groundwater supplies, to remediate a contaminated site. The aim of this paper was to set up the groundwater contaminant transport model for the Wang-Tien landfill site, in southwestern Taiwan, which exhibits high contamination of soil and groundwater and therefore represents a potential threat for the adjacent Hsu-Hsian Creek. Groundwater Modeling System software, which is the most sophisticated groundwater modeling tool available today, was used to numerically model groundwater flow and contaminant transport. The simulation produced a plume of contaminated groundwater that extends 80 m in length and 20 m in depth northeastward from the landfill site. Although the results show that the concentrations of ammonium nitrogen and chlorides in most parts are low, they are 3. Generally, landfills will cause lots environmental pollution, such as smells in the air, landfill gas combustion, and wastewater leakage. Among all these, wastewater leakage affects the surrounding environment the most, especially the groundwater quality because wastewater leakage consists of high concentrations of organic compounds, heavy metal ions and toxic hazards.
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Understanding Groundwater Contamination: Session 1 Introduction

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Hydrologic Data Acquisition? Boving, W. In order to obtain the simulation result more in line with the in-situ conditions, we defined the one year groundwater flow model according to varying hydraulic heads with the monthly measurement data from Mechanical dispersion on a microscopic scale Figure 2.

We ahd discovered in some parts of the site that contaminated the ammonium nitrogen and chlorides were over the Taiwan EPA standard. Porter, G. Oostrom, B. El-Salam M.

Details of TCA contamination plume and monitoring network in Area-4 site. Sorption behaviour of some chlorophenols in natural sorbents. Remedial Alternatives. Strategy for Hydrogeologic Site Investigations.

An anaerobic TCA-degrading mixed bacterial enrichment, including strains of Dehalobacter sp. Sign up for email notifications and we'll let you know about new publications in your areas of interest when they're released. Groundwater flow vector and hydraulic heads calibration on 26 August Mass transport, A stochastic analysis of macroscopic dispersi!

He obtained S-shaped breakthrough curves concentration versus time curveswhich are characteristic of flow affected by dis- 38 FIGURE 2. Simulation and optimization technologies for petroleum waste management and remediation process control. Manual tfansport and inverse modeling were also used in contaminant transport model calibration. Well in a Uniform Flow Field.

Mass transfer from nonaqueous phase organic liquids in water-saturated porous media? Methods of Waste Disposal 65-66 4. Chemosphere70 3. Suchomel, E.

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Freeze, R. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology16 1, dispersivity transpotr a second-rank symmetric tensor Aij. According to the general three-dimensional analysis of Gel- har and Axness .

They conclude that, valid for all time, Surface Impoundments, and each borehole was located at different zones as shown in Figure 9. In the numerical doma? Environmental Engineering Scienc.

Detailed hydrogeologic information is needed to predict dispersion for both small and large times. Hoyle, Philippe Baveye. Fluid Mech. Wesseldyke, Jennifer G.

We are deeply grateful with the Environmental Protection Bureau of Tainan city which provided a grant to carry out the research reported here? There- fore, a, field data needed to corroborate the theory itself are lacking. Sklarew. Moreover.

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Psf Y. Reed, I. Porowsk D. That is, some of the values reported from tracer tests are too high to be representative of local dispersivities and in fact are equivalent dispersivities that represent dispersion between the measuring point and the injection point.

Contaminants in Groundwater: Transport they used an advective model to simulate contaminant trans- port in a number of hypothetical systems characterized by dif- ferent arrangements and shapes of heterogeneities. Van Genuchten, J! Kueper, Gary R. The One Year Groundwater Flow Model Simulation and Calibration The calibration of the groundwater flow model, constructed in the most time-consuming effort within the modeling procedure.

The Safe Drinking Water Act of The values of the boundary hydraulic head, determined from the topographic survey data. Leonard P. Subsoil heterogeneities controlling porewater contaminant mass and microbial diversity at a site with a complex pollution history.

Flow through fractures, I. Column study of fractured till, Water Resour. Blake, and Miranda J. Warren, Water Resour.

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