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This study aimed to examine the role of sef regulated learning, academic self- concept, and numerical ability as predictor of mathematics achievement. The data were collected by using self-regulated learning and academic self-concept scale, data of numerical ability scores, and data of matematics scors. The data were analyzed by using multiple regression analysis. Keywords: self-regulated learning, academic self-concept, numerical ability and mathematics achievement. Indications that Indonesia had low achievement in mathematics at the. Students who have high academic. Affective aspect refers to the ability of.
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Self-Regulation: Strategies for Home and School

Self-Regulated Learning and Academic Achievement

A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing regulatdd for the benefit of humanity. Questions examine the effects of self-efficacy and are directly scored and question 9 is reverse scored. Report this Document. Emotional self-regulation and study skills with academic performance of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences Students.

This is because of the difference in ergulated educational system of universities. All items except for one item 3 have a mean score of more than 4, suggesting a promising learning community in the writing classes. Educa I.

Schunk, D. Natalia Zanoni. By using a self-report questionnaire that contains the strategies used in the study based on self-regulation, shows a positive relationship between self-regulated learning with adademic achievement in science and language classes. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents.

Academic self-concept The instrument used for examining students' ans self-concept is academic self-concept scale consisted of 24 items with reliability index of 0. APER Rev. Based on these results it can be concluded that the variable of self-regulated learningand numerical abilities can be a predictor for mathematics achievement in a positive and significant. English language learners in focus: predictors of that investigated the relationship between self-regulated English proficiency and academic achievement.

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Self-regulation and educational performance are among the most important topics to be discussed in schools and universities. The present study aimed to the relationship between self-regulation and educational performance among daughter students of police officers in Birjand City, Iran public and Payame Noor in This research is a correlational cross-sectional study. In total, female students were selected using random sampling method. The Ryan and Connell's Self-Regulation Questionnaire and Durtaj's educational performance scale were used to collect data.


Schunk, motivation and academic emotion significantly affected academic achievement through the mediating effect of self-regulated learning strategies. Educ Psychol. The quan- was observed that the successful participants have titative analyses were conducted to examine any ahievement repeatedly mentioned the following statements about lational relationship between the self-regulated learning their success in their academic studies. Furthermore, D.

Educational Psychologist, it is considered learning. Since self-regulation is perceived as a behaviourally active participants in their process of skill that can be learned and developed, 18 2. Becoming a self-regulated learner: An overview. The relationship between self-regulated learning strategies and academic achievement in a Turkish EFL setting.

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