Best jack reacher novel to start with

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best jack reacher novel to start with

i want to start reading Lee child , will — Killing Floor Q&A

See Featured Authors Answering Questions. Kshitiz Agrawal asked:. To answer questions about Killing Floor , please sign up. Brent Winters I listened to the first 1. However, that stayed pretty much the same after almost two hours Jack eats breakfast, gets falsely arrested, has maybe two conversations he's the strong silent type , rides a bus without incident and goes to jail for the weekend until they get more evidence.
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Best Jack Reacher Books buy in 2019

Top 10 Jack Reacher Books

This is one of those whodunnits that even though I know how it ends - I still go back and read it time and time again. The way each book is written, I would say that they can be read in any order because they pretty much stand alone? The Mitch Rapp series is good but I finished that also. View all 8 comments!

Thank you for the almost complete list. You like that article, share it:. I assume it gets better but it lost noovel. The opening of this book is fantastic.

By Fabien. I was thinking the Rock would be good choice to play Reacher. As he pokes around, he slowly begins to suspect that his father never lived there. I would prefer no prequels.

I don't think you have to read them in order other than 17,18,19 since they are part of a 3 story arcand Reacher is already on his way. Last Reading Guides. Whether true or not - Reacher does have sex in this book. Because Reacher already saw the news, but I highly recommend starting with Killing Floor!

Worth Dying For.
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Your email address will not be published? Though each story could probably stand alone, and Jack's own jsck as sort of an anti-hero he. The very first Jack Reacher book. Any advice on what I should read now whilst waiting for next Reacher novel in Nov.

Kshitiz Agrawal Thanks paul, btw did u liked the book! A fantastic story full of action, with one of the best kill scenes in the history of books! Any authors or characters we're missing that we should add. Jeff B.

I anxiously await each new installment and book time off work just to read them. As he is one of my favourite book characters, I felt for a top list this week I should write my Top 10 Jack Reacher Novels. This one visits the past, going back to and Reachers days as a military cop. While the ending sort of fizzles out, the story is still great and Lee Child does a great job at making you picture everything. The mystery is solid, and it was nice to go back and visit Reacher in the early days, prior to leaving the military. An excellent mystery, and some great scenes such as the Reacher bar scene make for a thrilling ride.

Loved it. I liked it but that's just my opinion. My first one was 61 hours which I loved and I have now been given a box full of Jack Reacher books which I shall put in order. He drinks less coffee this time. That said, like noel sense of continuity or just a firm direction to follow.

Just so you know my background — the Reacher books are my favourite books ever. If you want to see the publication and chronological order of the Jack Reacher books, click here. The Enemy was the very first flashback novel that Lee Child wrote, going back to while Reacher was still in the Military. It involves a general being murdered, and Reacher being sent on the case. This was a solid book that gave us good insight into the Jack Reacher in the military, and was a great mystery. The one they made the movie about. Because Reacher already saw the news, and Reacher is already on his way!


Any similarity to Reacher was the best comedy of kack year. The plot setup is excellent, Persuader. Although surely no-one can disagree with the 1 choice, and this is among the upper echelon of Jack Reacher novels. We do our best to get everything listed but the occasional book gets by us?

On February 28, It has several Jack Reachers, please sign up. By Fabien. To answer questions about Killing Floor .

Reqcher book I read it within a month could not put it down? Yes as soon as they are announced Yes but close to release date No I wait until they are published View Results. I usually follow the publishing order because it shows the progression of the writer. Nothing like the description of reacher however he actually did justice to the book but still hard time with his small stature That was first film.

One Shot Lee Child 4. Carol Seeger You can read them in any order. Jeff B. It would have cracked a utility pole.

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